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Does this teaching from Temt Tchaas refer to the Pet (astral) or Duat (causal) realm, or the whole journey including moving to the West through the Pet and Duat? Is existence in the barque of Ra same as merging with Ra? We have talked about the causal realm being the state that contains the seed-ground that actions arise from, as well as being the realm of Asar in the Prt M Hru, does this mean it represents a state as an individual existing with the divine that occurs Before total absorption into the divine? Personally I feel the existence described in the proverb would be more ideal to the ordinary human life, sounds like a more enlightened existence due to being much closer to the divine, while also understanding that all things in time-space is illusionary and based on Ari and so the absorption into the divine would be much more ideal and true enlightenment.

“Indeed they who are yonder ( who who live righteously will join God after death), will be living Gods, punishing anyone who commits a sin. Indeed they who are yonder will stand in the boat (barke of RA) causing the choicest offerings in it to be given to the temples. Indeed he who is yonder will become a sage who will not be hindered from appealing to GOD whenever they speak.”