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Jason W

Udja Seba Dja, Sebai MAA. It is great to be back furthering the aspirant process of growth & development

-Many people go to Kemet and do not have spiritual experience/evolve spiritually
-Becoming too involved in the world humans forget their true divine nature
*Setjert-Blood-beer-mandrake made by Lord Djehuty was potion that restored Het-Heru back to her true divine nature.
-Blood symbolizes Intoxication with worldly desire, egoism (i am the body)
-Beer symbolizes intoxication with pleasure in world of time & space (ignorance)
-Mandrake symbolizes intoxication with Bau/souls of Ra Peace through fullness-infinity- Self knowledge
-Temple of Het Neter(House of divine god(dess))temple where was the pressure of the world can be relieved and an association with something other than worldy perspective can occur. Such a place and it’s teaching are needed so that the mind can be aware of higher possibilities to turn away from Umt-Ab (mental dullness)due to Khemn (ignorance)and be led to Nehast (spiritual enlightenment).
– The myth teaches that the individual is the Eye of Ra
-We are a Kamitan African Religion
-Shetaut Neter (Teaching of the secret,hidden divinity) was practiced in egypt in ancient times and is not a term invented by the Sema Institute and is the earliest documented (written)African term for “Religion”
-*Egyptian Mysteries
Lower-(intellectual knowledge)
Higher-(Intuitional knowledge)
-3 stages of religion are
1.Myth (matnu)
3.Mysticism (Shetaut Neter)

-Nubian/Kamitans were very much the same physically and were distinguished by headdress and not ” complexion” as many claim.
-Geological research has proven that Ra-Hrakhty (sphinx) is older than 10,000 bc by examining the rainfall before 10,000 bc that occured there.

-Timeline of Major World Religions places Shetaut Neter as oldest (appx 10,000bc)
-2 practices of Shetaut Neter
1.Universal understanding aspect-All is divine
2.Cultural understanding aspect- (i.e)Turn away from foreign religion and turn to own African religion with no apology.
-Crucial differences between Western, myth (orthodoxy-historical ) ritual (devotion to divine) “Traditional” african religion Oral-(myth) Historical time reference, metaphorical- psycho spiritual, ritual (devotion to divine , partake in divinity)& Neterian African Religion (myth)-Metaphorical, psycho spiritual, ritual (devotion to divine) *Mysticism(which others do not contain)

Lord Khepri (creator) founder of Neterianism, gave teachings to Lord Djehuty, Djehuty gave teachings to Aset , Aset to Asar, Asar to Het Heru, preists/priestesses and later myself

-The ineqaulity of sexism did not exist.There was always a balance amongst genders and was a role of equality as witnessed in 3 main traditions of Amun Ra Ptah
-Sacred Scriptures- Mythic , Mystical, wisdom-most important being Asarian tradition.
-Neterians live by the four great truths of Shetuat Neter which essentialy frees one from the fetters of set and leads them to there true divine nature, attainment of Nehast
*Searching for oneself in the world is the pursuit of an illusion. Our teachings guide us as to the purpose of life & how to attain that goal.


How i can relate my own experience with the story of Lady Het-Heru and how partaking in the world of time & space and getting caught up in the illusion of worldly pursuit is what the Beer-blood-mandrake was precisely describing and how one must become intoxicated with the mandrake (Shedy disciplines/Shetuat Neter/Sema Tawi) instead of the blood, thinking that work and egoistic, mundane reality is my true nature and intoxicated with beer getting caught up with the pleasures like night life substance abuse etc will set me free.