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Udja-Greetings and welcome to the program.

Your summary was brief but good and here are answers to your questions. These are concerns that many people have and very much the purpose for this course to explore so lets proceed.

1-The level of civilization and technological development at the inception of Ancient Egyptian civilization is evidence of two Ancient Egyptian civilizations, an earlier predynastic existing around 36000 bce and a dynastic beginning around 5000 bce. Ancient Egyptian myth relates humanity to Sopdu (Sirius) and Sahu (Orion) through Aset and Asar (Isis and Osiris) in a mythic manner as being sources and ultimate home of the souls of Aset and Asar. The humans who created Ancient Egyptian civilization were humans who were enlightened and in contact with cosmic forces. The degradation of humanity in the last 10000 years has moved humanity away from enlightened thought and capacity and more to degradation and death. It is however possible still for individuals to achieve those levels of consciousness discussed in such texts as the PertmHeru (Book of the Dead). This was discussed more fully in the book African Origins.

African Origins


2-In the Ancient Egyptian Anunian Creation Myth it is explained that Ra Created Creation and for no reason other than expressing himself in the form of people, gods and goddesses and nature and that is what we are- expressions of the Divine – so when you become enlightened you can ask that question directly; and at that point it wont matter because that questions is only worthy of contemplation from the perspective of an ignorant human and not from enlightened god-consciousness level.


3-The precession of the equinoxes producing the “Great Year” is a cosmic cycle and as such the earth and solar system pass through different parts of outer space that contain different concentrations of Nun (dark Matter/Dark Energy) and so it is sometimes more or less possible to access and or manipulate natural forces (Neteru) and have easier or harder entry into higher consciousness but that development is independent from the development of the human soul and that is also independent from the development or evolution of the human body. The soul has independent existence and its development towards enlightenment is at a different pace though affected by time and space circumstances to the extent the soul is caught up in the illusory matrix of time and space. The deeper meaning of this will become clearer in progressive studies through the Kemet University.


4-Sba Dja may answer further on this issue later. For now I would complement that by saying that lower beings and energies in Creation do teach those who are at their level through the aryu (karmic) entangled experiences with them. Once a person moves beyond that level they are of no consequence.


5-Your question assumes that all those people have been initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries. To our estimation if they have been initiated into anything it is the freemasonry of political subversion, world domination through empire, subjugation of populations through debt peonage, war and mass murder. We do not see anywhere in Kemetic history or scripture where those values are sustained or expressed. See the book African Dionysus.african dionysus


6-In answer to your question see the titles below:

maat vs fascism





And of course the ultimate answer is discussed in the Egyptian Yoga Philosophy of Enlightenment:

Egyptian Yoga book

7-Indeed we are headed for another collapse and this was discussed in lectures and in some titles: See below

Dollar Crisis

malfeasance and immorality

Even NASA admits this. Consider the following headlines below.

Guardian -Next financial crash coming


Nasa study end of civilization


I have talked previously about making preparations and all followers of this teaching should be informed and take action now before it is too late.


8-In this question you are actually asking about two separate issues. A-From our perspective, if a person says he is a Bodhisattva but still wants to remain on earth and help people it means they are an elevated personality, and highly compassionate, but not enlightened. Being enlightened is like a drop of water entering the ocean. Can the same drop exit the ocean and be individual again? -no.

B- Indeed studying and meditating will be disrupted in a disrupted environment so that is important when a person is striving for enlightenment. However, once enlightenment has been reached then it does not matter the circumstance. By the way, the Ancient Egyptian term for what the Buddhists call enlightenment, is Heru (Divine light) or Nehast -(Great Spiritual Awakening)


Dua-thank you – for your questions and participation in this program