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A. Notes
Summarized below

B. The main theme
The Kemetic culture is the earliest civilization known to men, modern day Egyptologist cannot accurately date Egypt using current methods, but we know from the papyrus of Turin & Manetho there was a “lineage of Gods” who reigned on Earth for a total of 36,600 years. Hence, Egyptologist’s dating could be off by 32,000 years. Although many cultures borrowed from the ancient Egyptians, they seem to have missed the main point of a society based in spiritual consciousness, that cared for humanity and earth. This departure from the original philosophy, has resulted in a spiritless society based on exploitation of the people and earth’s resources. In order to regain harmony we must move in the direction of the ancient Kemetic philosophy, which each one of us can do by raising our consciousness & cleaning our mind, body and soul.
C. Questions
1. If the dating is off, could the Kemetic culture developed over thousands of years from the so called ape man? Or Does Egyptian Culture come from the stars i.e Sirus B?
2. What did the Ancient Egyptian’s believe our reason for being on earth was?
3. If the percussion of the equinox moves in a 26,000 year cycle, does consciousness move in cycles as well?
4. In your video, Dr. Karen Dja spoke about lower vibrational entities and that you had to be on their level of vibration for them to affect you? Is the purpose for these lower vibrational entities to teach us?
5. If the world leaders and “great” thinkers from, Plato, to Napoleon, to Einstein, to all the U.S president have been initiated in the Egyptian Mystery schools, why don’t we see a peaceful harmonious world?
6. Do you have a book or recommend a book, that talks in detail of the major problems and solutions to fix them?
7. With 62.2 trillion in credit default swaps outstanding and with US debt at 18 Trillion, do you think we are headed for another collapse?
8. Can a bodhisattva attain freedom or will their passion to keep helping others until there are no more get in the way? In the video Dr. Karen Dja speaks about giving oneself entirely to study & meditation, but let’s say you do this and the world around you is in chaos and they destroy the very environment that you are studying and meditating in. Is there a balance between Study, meditation and action in the Ancient Kemetic Teaching?