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Interaction assignment- Level 1 Lesson 10 – Coursepack pages 125-140.

Response to Akua #3074 and Andrew #3914.

Andrew and Akua I enjoyed reviewing your responses to this lesson in particular looking at question 2 and question 7. We each gave slightly different answers to question #2 but we all picked up on the integral practice of yoga and meditation as a primary means to continually and progressively cleanse the conditioned mind replace it with awareness of the Higher Self and identification with that. Now Question #7 was particularly inspiring and helpful for me. I at times watch a lot of videos of Buddhist monastics discussing their perspectives, not to adopt that world view, but to have association with more people who are working to identify with Self. They talk about “antidotes” in their meditation practice as tools used when things like anger, craving, etc come up. In my meditations recently I was contemplating the experience I had and visualized my tituary deity and in a sense did what was mentioned. And then I saw what was mentioned in answer to #7 and it was very inspiring. Without going into it, I prefer this practice of meditation to what I see in other systems and …Its so profound and awakening to practice integral yoga within Shetaut Neter – Ancient Egyptian Religion.