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BennuAdoration of the Benu bird


A good rendition of this lesson.

Perhaps one of the most important things you said in this post was “2. When an aspirant has this perspective they have an awareness that everything that happens in their life is a movement on their path to enlightenment.”

This is so even for non aspirants but not having this perspective a non-aspirant loses the opportunity to recognize and use the adverse situations of life as springboards to introspection and development of khak-ab (dispassion and detachment). This quality is perhaps one of the most powerful tools available to an avid aspirant so that in “good times” (prosperity) they turn to the teaching and in “bad times) they also turn to the teaching and thereby move with alacrity towards the higher goal of life; as opposed to the non-aspirant who swings from running after more pleasures during prosperity and then when that ends they complain and wallow in the miseries of life, thus exacerbating and reinforcing the egoistic delusions and ignorance of life along with intensifying the physical experiences and thus dulling the capacity for spiritual sensitivity.

About your statement: “I am amazed how understanding the teachings has changed how I experience life and handle situations brought to me.”

Very good, allow this feeling to be the wind beneath your wings and allow Heru to soar to the heights of Aton and there merge with it, just like the Benu bird (phoenix – solar bird of Ra). The wonder and glory of the spiritual teaching, when recognized, is a powerful motivator and a source of great enjoyment for an avid aspirant and that enjoyment is a pathway to detaching from the world and attaching to the teaching and devoting oneself to the Divine and leaving worldliness behind.