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“It takes a strong disciple to rule over the mountainous thoughts and constantly go to the essence of the meaning; as mental complexity increases, thus will the depth of your decadence and challenge both be revealed.” -AEP



A very comprehensive posting. A few comments. Firstly when you said: “It is a very balanced approach for spiritual disciplines. In our goal to attend abiding peace, we need to work on all aspects of ourselves to find the proper balance meaning, spiritual evolution is not done through a straight line but, implies going forward and backward. Sometimes, it is necessary to stop working on a particular aspect of ourselves to develop other aspects that are less spiritualized and if not addressed, will constitute a barrier to our growth. Sometimes, within one aspect of the personality, we can evolve and also face setback and at this point, we need to go back and correct what needs to be corrected to move forward.”


The issue with the back and forth movement is certainly true in a practical sense, the world of time and space sense. However, in terms of the deeper process of the heart, when an avid aspirant honestly and forthrightly seeks the path, even if there are apparent setbacks in the physical world, actually there is still forward progress at the level of the unconscious and that is the important key. So an aspirant needs to learn how to strive for success in the practical world but as you said later, not looking for fruits or attaching to the outcomes while also living more for the moment even if working on longterm plans.


About your statement: “It is learning about taking responsibility for my thinking as well as understanding that other people may have their own and that both can be right in their sense.”


This is also correct in a maatian and practical sense in that other people are entitled to their opinions and they should be respected as you yourself should be respected and accorded the same courtesy. Nevertheless, this does not mean that everyone’s opinion is correct and that it should be honored by adopting it simply because it is their turn, etc. The objective of maat is living by truth and one can acknowledge others actions while not adopting or agreeing with them and thereby not get confused about the correct path or caught up in the negative aryu of others.


About your statement: “Another key aspect of the devotion, and which is more difficult, relates to the recognition of the divine in others and to learn to serve it.“


The path of devotion can certainly be baffling but only when the spiritual sensitivity and humility are lacking. It is easier to “fall” in love with physical people rather than a divine icon but that is why the study of myth and the rituals related are to be practiced; that along with maat ethics and study of philosophy leads to the conclusion that spirit is inexorably THE only object worthy of veneration and giving oneself to and from there it is easy to surrender, to give oneself over to the Divine.


About the statement: “For now, I mentally repeat them every morning with the goal of moving toward full application particularly in the morning and at night.”


Try also to do a short reading and invocation just before bedtime and that will carry a positive and spiritual feeling into sleep and help to prepare you for the morning and beyond.