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This has been a very positive series of interchanges beginning with Jason’s #5487

It is good to see such dynamic discussion and reflection on the nature of what religion is supposed to be and how other religions may compare to our own so that we may evaluate and appreciate the higher values of personal spirituality. Also importantly, this exchange has allowed its participants and onlookers to benefit from the discussion about what it means to confront the spiritual struggle and especially the personal issues and vices, how others have similar challenges and how through the discussion and camaraderie the group support and strength can bolster and augment the practice for all. Always remember that no effort is wasted and that the honesty and humility of an avid spiritual aspirant are pathways to clearing obstacles and opening up the path to positive spiritual evolution.
May this proverb illumine and support everyone’s path.

“On the journey to the truth, one must stay on the path of love and enlightenment, the heart filled with greed and lust will be overcome by its selfishness” -AEP