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“Complacency, regret and sorrow are the discouragers from evil; know that ye are Gods with a divine destiny, discouragers are transient distractions leading away from the path of light.” -AEP


Good reflections. A key to the practice and success of shedy (the spiritual disciplines) is the continued application in an integral manner and over a sustained period of time. Ignorant human beings did not get ignorant overnight and so too we cannot expect to become enlightened overnight. Yet enlightenment occurs in degrees. Another key factor which you mentioned is honesty; the looking into one’s actions, thought and feelings and comparing those to the ideal of the teaching (Maat). When this kind of introspection and spiritual sensitivity dawn in the personality it is a sign of definite progress especially in dealing with the gross impurities of the personality. Then as more and more subtle issues are confronted the spiritual practice requires more refinement and concentration, which is what you are working on developing through even the current practices. So keep these issues (Antet begag -without becoming discouraged) and an chen (without stopping) in mind and you will continue progressing.

Continue as outlined.