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Djehuty heals the Left Eye of Heru and Heru is whole again in the Higher sense. Heru has a different vision and Higher impetus in His struggle. Djehuty is the moon, the Left Eye of Ra—the moon reflects the sun, it does not have its own light. Therefore Djehuty is a reflection of Ra. Your intellect has the capacity to restore Divine vision. The key is in the intellect, and the power of the mind is a spark of the spirit, i.e. Djehuty and Ra. A lucid intellect will repair your Divine consciousness.
Heru becomes more defiant and accepts all of Set’s challenges. Still there is no defeat between Heru and Set so Djehuty sends a letter to Asar asking what to do. Asar reminds that if justice (Maat) is not recognized He will send forth demons. If the demons are not enough, Asar reminds that He is the King of the dead and that they, meaning Gods and Goddesses, will themselves die someday and come before Him in judgment. Gods and Goddesses are metaphors of the Cosmos and will all dissolve back into Creation (the Nu). Net was also consulted and warned that justice must be carried out.
Heru in the form of of Behudet Heru Ur has discovered His All encompassing Divine power and this includes Set. He transcended the power of Set (ego). When this happens within us we are no longer subject to desires of a worldly nature—we transcend and become All encompassing, defeating the ego. This is the goal of the Asarian tradition. The Goddess Aset has facilitated all of this—the wisdom within you, the Life force that drives you.
The question is asked, ”Which personality will you follow, the ego or Divine Self?” Concluding with the statement that there is much more related to myths for the initiates to explore, followed by the Blessing “ May Aset provide Spiritual Enlightenment and Wisdom.” Hekau: Om Amun Ra Ptah,–Om Asar Aset Heru. Htp.
In this, the final video lecture of the series in Lesson 1, the definitive question is asked: “Which personality will you follow, the ego or Divine Self?”
Thus far, in the Asarian Mysteries, we have the ultimate betrayal of the Soul by the ego, resulting in the dismemberment of Asar. We have witnessed the re-memberment (Resurrection) of the Soul by Aset (Intuitional Wisdom) who gives birth to Heru (Higher self). We have seen how Set (ego) plotted and killed Heru, and how the outcry of Aset stopped Creation and allowed Djehuty to Resurrect Heru. This allowed Heru to grow under the Spiritual Preceptor Aset, His Mother, to become the vindicator of the Soul (Asar), which brings us to the battle between Heru and Set (the struggle within).
All human beings are faced with this struggle but few understand the true nature of the struggle. It has been simplified as the struggle between “good and evil,” and these two forces exist outside of one’s self. In most orthodox religions the personification of good and evil comes in the form of God and the devil, and human beings are subject to manipulation by the “devil” if they don’t follow the will of God. Therefore, if they “sin” on one day they can be absolved of the “sin” on the next day by asking God for forgiveness. This can develop into a cycle of behavior that only leads to pain and suffering and, possibly, loss of faith, as most orthodox religions are faith based.
In the Neterian tradition it is not a question of “good” or “evil,” but righteousness (Maat) or unrighteousness (Anmaat), and the aspirant looks no further than one’s own self for their actions (ari). There is no personification of the “devil” to fall back on and blame for misdeeds, only the ego that is symbolized by Set in the Asarian Mysteries to better understand the nature of the ego. “Know thy enemy.” We create our own “hellish” conditions in this lifetime and the next from accumulated ariu.
In the lecture it speaks of Djehuty (Divine intellect) writing a letter to Asar asking Him what to do about the indecision among the Company of Gods and Goddesses in the battle between Heru and Set. “Asar reminds that if justice (Maat) is not recognized He will send forth demons.” These “demons” spoken of are not the demons of Dante’s Inferno, but demons of our own making that come in the form of depression and despair that can lead to self-medication such as alcohol and drug abuse, etc., which may lead to suicide etc., etc. In any case it is a high price to pay for ignorance.
This is why the teachings show that Aset, our own Intuitional Wisdom, must be cultivated within to free ourselves from a degraded personality, just as the myth of Aset and Ra demonstrates how Aset freed Herself from a worldly personality to transcend into Enlightenment. For me it isn’t a question as to which personality I choose. As an aspirant of Shetaut Neter I have chosen the Divine self over the ego. Having said that, I realize that I am in for the battle of a lifetime.
I once read an inscription on a monument that came from the Native American tradition that went something like this:
I have two dogs living inside of me. One is gentle, loving, loyal and true. The other dog is vicious and fierce. If you ask me which dog is stronger, it is the one that I feed the most.
Shems Heryt