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Intro to Egyptian Yoga Part 3 video (Sebai’s Maa Lecture) Alex “ Djethuti – Mes” Moore 19:53

1-Summarize the teaching presented in each segment.

Hetep or any mantra is repeated four times because it is an invocation to Aset. It is a fourfold invocation. The number four is the number of creation itself which means may there be peace in all directions. Peace is necessary to absorb the teachings.
The continent of Africa is where Kemetic philosophy originated. It was also known as the black land. There is upper and lower Africa. It is noted by the people of Ancient Kemet that there people did not come as immigrates but instead were born at the base of the moon which is located in southern region which is recognized as upper Egypt. The northern region is known as Lower Egypt because the Nile flows down ward. The region of upper and lower Egypt is called Tawi the divinity of Upper and Lower Egypt. The original people that populated Egypt came from southern region which is recognized as Upper Egypt. Set represent the lower self and Heru represents the higher self. Papyrus is the plant of lower Egypt and the lotus is the plant that represents Upper Egypt. The union of the two plants is representation of the union of the opposites (Smai Tawi) which means union of the two lands. The sphinx is more than 10,000 BC evident by groves in stone cause by rain however, since the accepted evidence is 10,000 years Sebai Maa conceded to using this time of history to date the sphinx.

The Greeks noted in their writing that there were two great lands one in Egypt and India those people migrated from Ethiopia. We have verbal descriptions of the people that occupied the land as well as pictorial accounts. There were depicted as dark skin with thick lip and wooly hair. There was time lines presented that showed that the people of Africa developed high philosophy long before any other culture. Additionally, the philosophy developed by other cultures derived from the works of the Ancient Egypt. There was an extensive presentation of the people that developed the marvelous teachings of high philosophy. I am assuming that this effort was made to debunk the framework presented by Westerns and others who are presenting a global mindset that black people have no significant relevance in the world so they can justifiably continue to practice racism and white supremacy (power and control) against people of African descent in all people’s activities without fear of retribution. Moreover, this portion of the presentation by discussing the relation between the Greeks and African in the Mystery Schools also reveal that there were relationships developed based on good association in Ancient times between the two cultures. This part of the lecture was most likely for those in the audience that happen to be of African and other descents that also have trouble believing that the people that developed such a spectacular (profound) teaching where of African descent.

Kemetic Yogic teaching has to do with an integral process used to develop your entire personality (intellect, Emotion, will, action and physical constitution). Additionally, the tantric yoga meaning to loom, make a connection to something else and to expand consciousness to include the entire universe is a part of the integral yoga process. Features (practices) from Tantric Yoga philosophy allow practitioners to manipulate the serpent power (life force energy) which allows you the practitioner to move and expand your consciousness. The Tjef Neteru postures were called Asana’s. The postures can be found from the upper chambers to inner-shrine of the pyramids. Sebai Maa pointed out the reason why the postures were laid out from the upper chambers to the inner – shrine is that the practice of these postures will lead you to the inner – shrine (enlightenment). The Tjef Neteru Postures like the head stand, shoulder stand and the mummy pose can be used to practice the Tantric Yoga. Additionally the Nefertem posture can be used to practice basic and advanced techniques used for raising the life force energy. One can practice the supreme practice of Tantric Yoga by recognizing and asserting mental during informal practices that there is no separateness in the universe because all parts are inseparably related to the whole of creation.

Smai Tawi is the sign of the trachea representing the one uniting the two meaning your consciousness moves from duality to non duality. The hieroglyph Sma or “Sema” represents the union of the two lungs and the trachea symbolizes the union of the higher and lower self. It can also represent the union of the two lands northern and southern Egypt. The union of the upper region which is represented by Horus and the lower region which is represented by set can also be written as Smai Heru – Set meaning the union of Set and Heru. Set and Heru go to battle. Heru couldn’t win against Set using the same techniques; therefore, he applied the supreme Tantric yoga techniques. Heru recognized that there was no separateness in the universe but all parts are inseparably related to the whole creation. Set and Heru are really one and the same; however, Heru initially was agitated because he was looking at the world from dualistic viewpoint. Conversely, once Heru was purified enough to see the oneness of creation he was able to defeat Set. The goal of yoga is to sublime (purify) the ego so that the oneness of creation can be experienced (enlightenment) that transform the practitioners viewpoint from duality to non duality. DUA DUA DUA Sebai Maa!

Another main aspect of this discourse is that Sebai Maa showed the vastnesses of the teaching by showing how the Ancient Egypt went to extraordinary heights to give people an idea about how the body relates to the earth; thereby, displaying a profound ideology (philosophy) that showed the connection between Humans, Heaven and Earth to the universe. Moreover it displays how every aspect of Kemetic philosophy gave honor and devotion to the divine. DUA DUA DUA Sebai Maa !

Finally in this area Sebai gives the student and other participants insight to how most current processes where developed in the twenty century but are postures duplicated from the original yoga processes. Moreover, it is okay to make changes or adaptions to the processes as long as the changes are in line with spiritual truths. He challenges each student to become experts of our field. Lastly, Tjef Neteru means Movement of the GOD and GODDRESSESS. We learn how to move and act like the cosmic divinity in turn we become them and/ or are in tune with their energy. By this practice one is lead to the inner shrine.

2-How did what you see affect your understanding of the teaching and practice of Shetuat Neter spirituality and philosophy?

I clearly understand that all aspects of the personality must be purified if SET is to gracefully take his rightful place as protector Barque. Moreover, I will intensify my practice by continuing to practice the, Tjef Neteru Postures and wisdom meditation. I will add the supreme tantric formal and informal meditation and postures to my daily practice. I understand that I should be developing to a place where the Kemetic philosophy becomes a life style. Therefore as a practitioner I should raise the level of practice as I grow meaning that as I purify my ego I can add advanced practices to the Shedy practices under the guidance of the Spiritual Preceptor to intensify my practice. This should be done in an iterative fashion until enlightenment is obtained. I now understand from watching this video series that there should not be an activity conducted during activities of daily living that doesn’t assist the aspirant with spiritualizing their life style. The Shedy disciplines can be used to spiritualize my daily movement/activities. The mind should not be left idled. Moreover, there should be a continuous flow of life force energy flowing to the body all day. The ebbs and flows of diminished energy (dullness or agitation) vs. high energy (lucidity) should be monitored closely and the appropriate Shedy practice should be used to retain and maintain lucidity. Those ebbs and flows in Heru’s quest (personality) to take his rightful place as the heir to the throne of Upper and Lower Egypt prevented Heru from reaching the state of enlightenment and caused RA to deny Heru him his rightful place on the throne. Therefore the aspirant has to be vigilant (Aset) in watching the mind and employing the proper technique to maintain peace of mind. Lastly I could use some guidance on how to correctly incorporate the Asarian Resurrection mythology techniques into my informal daily practice.

3-Reflect on how you felt during watching and feel now about the teaching and your practice?

The presentation makes me feel honored to be under the tutor ledge of an authentic spiritual preceptor. Moreover, I feel privileged to be exposed to the teaching. Not only do I have the privilege of practicing under the tutor ledge of an authentic spiritual preceptor but I have the opportunity to be exposed to the most comprehensive High philosophy Shedy Practices known to date. Therefore, I must do my part to honor the teachings by practicing with the level of intensity that allows me the opportunity to experience enlightenment in this very life time. Lastly there used to be a time when I had a difficult time understanding the teachings as they were taught during a discourse given by Sebai Maa but now there appears to be clarity. There also appears to be a higher level of enthusiasm to hear the teachings and to make the teaching a life style vs. talking about the teachings more than I practice or changing my behavior in front of Sebai Maa and Seba Dja when it is obvious to them that I need work in various areas of the practice of the Shedy Discipline. I think that behavior dishonors the teaching (Righteous Action) if it is done purposefully or never cleared up in one on one sessions with the Spiritual Preceptor. I used to think that I could just meditate, do some postures and chat during the morning, noon and evening worship to gain progress on the path of enlightenment. I know that that manner of practicing is okay as novice a student that only needs to hear the teaching from desiplinary point of view because they still have stuff to work through but it is not the manner in which an advanced serious aspirant should approach the teaching. Now I am clearer about how to practice in an integral fashion. I understand that I should represent the culture not try to convince others that it is the path for them.

Moreover, I want to do more selfless service so I am getting involved with different practice sessions (blog talk) Djehuty Se Hotep / Asarian Resurrection session with Anpu Waset trying to get in where I fit in and where I can make time for right now. Since we are so spread out as students, I have conceded to start a chapter of the Shedy Practice here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. In addition to the for profit group home for individuals with intellectual disabilities, I have a Non Profit 501c3 status and I will be working with vulnerable populations (homelessness, mental health, veterans with disabilities and reentry programs (non violent inmates released from prison). I have been meeting with members of the city council and Community Service Boards (overseers of mental health services for the city) and Corrections to complete a needs analysis for services. I have presented what I believe can be offered by Kemetic Community Services to fill gaps in service for the Cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. The feedback has been positive but you can never tell what a Politician is really thinking. In any event the Shedy Program will be offered to all participants in every program that want to participate; however, it will be written into the re entry program as a part of the program/services objectives. This will increase my ability to serve in the community and spread the knowledge of the teaching to those that are interested. Moreover this program, if successful, once perfected can be used as a model and duplicated in other areas of the country. DUA DUA DUA Sebai Maa

4-If not then how will you seek to implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

I have made some major upgrades to my spiritual practice. I now understand that each aspect of my life must be spiritualized because any neglected area leaves an opening for vices to remain or develop in the personality allowing SET to emerge victoriously in the epic battle or Horus and SET. All aspects of the personality must be purified in an integral fashion if SET is to bow gracefully and take his rightful place as protector Barque. Moreover, I will intensify my practice by practicing the advanced formal meditation wisdom meditation, the supreme tantric formal and informal meditation and postures daily. Peace is necessary to absorb the teachings.