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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 15 – Interaction assignment

Sebai Maa Response post #3489 to Dinah Pemberton post #3142

I find Maat Philosophy as the foundation of Neterian spirituality remarkable because it’s practical and real. Learning that the heart is the reason for reincarnation also resonated with me. I can feel the thugs of my conscience as challenges that I create arises and I literally feel the heaviness of my heart and witness the agitation of my mind or the opposite when I act rightly where I feel lightness in my heart and clarity of mind, experiences I didn’t pay attention to before. The tenets really challenges and dictates the conscience as I have been experiencing working to unconditioned my mind from ignorance to purity of heart. Facing my own impurities is not easy, but knowing what they are is better than living in denial and delusions. Now I work through them with the understanding of ariyu as explained in this post, some days I am successful and some days I am not. As Sebai said, the birth of solid aspiration is what it takes to truly challenge the ego and that is achieved through purity of heart that comes gradually from the practice of ritual, devotional and Maatian practices (Shedy). So the work involved in the shedy disciplines will lead me to becoming a solid aspirant where I can truly challenge the ego (Set) to correct my past actions done out of error and ignorance. Eventually, achieving alignment of intellectual understanding, what’s in my mind (Ka) with what I feel in my heart (Ab). However, It’s important to remember that past unrighteous actions were done out of ignorance so we must not forget to be humble, patient and self-forgiving while still persevering and being relentless in our pursuit of Nehast.