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Some feedbacks/questions on shedy program

In chanting the hekau during the first meditation, i find sometimes, my mind tends to preoccupy itself with the chanting and other times, thinking about other things. I have the feeling by prolonging the chanting, i will arrive at a state where i will only be thoughtful about the hekau and nothing else. Although i used to meditate before, but, i never had to practice a mantra while doing so: it appears to me like a dual activity involving concentrating on the hekau and controlling the mind. I think i am doing better along the way but would like to hear your insight related to the proper mental attitude to ensure i am on the right path.

Regarding the ARI shedy, i have a strong pre-disposition with connecting with ASET in a sense that culturally, the goddess has a strong importance in Haiti. However, at times, it is difficult for me to properly feel that connection. I am not sure if it is something that will come with times. But, what i wanted to ask is should we only mentally think or can we do some verbal evocations as well. I know saying NUK ASET is a way to establish mentally that connection but, could we as well use some additional evocations as reinforcement such as saying for example: goddess ASET, i invite to be with me in this moment…Or, could we use a statue as a visualization aid or special color, etc…

On a final note, overall, after doing the ritual, i usually feel a peace of mind and a strong determination to go about the affairs of the day. More importantly, thinking about the person we need to serve the spirit within or do something for, provides us with a sense of elevation for that person. It is like you are seeing him/her in a new way, a better way to be more precis with a certain positive detachment about our own initial judgments. At the end, i consider the Shedy program as a way of life going forward more than a ritual to do on a daily basis. I think as you mentioned in another post, this will gradually lead to a new vision of life more aligned with MAAT principles.

DUA for this program and looking forward to your answer.