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Bastu Baket

Reply to Anthony’s post #5644

DUA Anthony for the video contained in this post. While watching it, the dedication of the monk was evident but also her frustration with how the West has distorted the teachings. I was very moved by her humility and honesty and the tears of the Dalai Lama. Perhaps he too felt her pain and hopefully will address her needs. In our Neterian community of Shetaut Neter I am so very grateful to Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, our Unutu (priests/priestesses), our Asaru, and Shemsu and Rechyt for the Khunumnt Nefer we receive via our Conferences, the Kemet University, Shedy meetings, email, texts etc. This may not be ideal but at least we have this in our modern times to guide us along our spiritual path. They try to be as accessible as possible and are very generous with their feedback. Dua again Anthony for your insightful posts. Peace and blessings to you.

Shems Baket