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Udja Sebai Maa !, #5664

Thank you very much for this expansion. It has been very insightful, instructive, and inspiring. It has helped me see the nuance between the true mystical path and an individuals personal spiritual progress taking place in a incomplete or non-mystical religion. More importantly, the overall discussion about mysticism has been very helpful, I can see how the lower aspects are needed to transition into the higher but I have also learned to be attentive to when these can be let go periodically for higher experience. In this regard in the last monthly chat we discussed meditation and going beyond mantra into a still-mind state when possible. This has for me been a profound experience in 10 years of meditation to experience that without clinging to the name-form of the practice. Feels right, and I believe these types of gradual understanding and better practice has more to do with my Aryu progress primarily and that allows me to slowly progress over time.

Dua! htp