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This is a very insightful video describing, among other things, the struggle of advanced spiritual practice and preceptorship in a world that is geared to worldly pleasures and experiences as being superior to authentic spiritual attainment. One of the reasons of course is the degraded notion of what life is supposed to be and or what religion is, myth and ritual instead of myth, ritual and mysticism. By the way, in terms of comparative religion what the Buddhists call “sanga” is our “khnumnt nefer” and what they call “darma” is our “Maat”.

However, the issue itself of societal lack of support is something that Shetaut Neter as well as other Neterian groups have also experienced. So in our times, especially in the western countries it is not supported partially because it does not support the western or worldly ideals of pleasure-seeking and destruction of the environment.
This is part of the struggle of our times that all who have incarnated now must face. Therefore, as a Neterian “monk”, I feel solidarity with the female monks and the tears of the Dalai Lama, even as I know the causes and degradations that are the source of the issue and also even as I seek to serve those who can be served. Yet those feelings can be a boon to the personal practice and service along with the impetus for the ideal of coming together to help each other for the purpose of building a successful life that discovers the path of enlightenment “Nehast” even though the maze of worldly religious, social, political, and bodily confusions that we have created for ourselves constitutes formidable obstacles.
Probably more than any others, two books were written with this ideal and for myself initially but to be shared with humanity also. These books were originally written with the idea of working through the labyrinth of religions exacerbated by the additional ingredient of westernized material desire, perhaps most visible in the rich preachers and crystal cathedrals of mega churches, etc. The books were Egyptian Yoga the Philosophy of Enlightenment and Christian Yoga {now called Mystical Journey From Jesus to Christ}.

Egyptian Yoga book

Mystical Journey from Jesus to Christ

It is my hope that these books and this Kemet University program be positive contributions and helps to working through the challenges of spiritual life and to achieving that higher goal.