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A very succinct and meaningful post.

About #4 an offering need not be anything costly or even physical but something useful that will sustain the teaching and learning process. One of the best items to offer is respect and devotion to the teaching, assistance in helping the classes to go on smoothly, others, patience, perseverance, self-forgiveness and initiative.

About your statements on your outlook for initiatic progress, I thought it was very peaceful and yet dynamic, expansive as well as goal oriented, and these are ideal perspectives and balanced mindsets in which to practice the teaching of authentic spirituality; an environment of good disposition, looking forward to the prospect of positive spiritual evolution and an inner knowingness that it is not only possible for me to succeed but that there will be success one day that goes on even as time and space comes to an end.

Akhenaton B

“I have made an end of my failings, I have removed my defects. What then is it? The separation of the corruptible matter, it is the initiate, triumphant before the Gods all. Driven away are all of the defects which belong to him. What is this then? This is the purification on the day of his new birth.”


Very good