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A very comprehensive post and essay on this lesson about the initiatic process. Just a comment and one correction.

On your statement: “Finally, a typical initiatic education follows usually a period of self-preparatory steps where aspirant prepares himself to meet his master: it is said that when the student is ready, the master will find him.”

The more accurate rendition is “when the student is ready the master appears”. This means that a spiritual aspirant is not always ready to receive and understand a teaching even if it came directly from Goddess Aset herself in person. Similarly, if an aspirant is not ready they might not even be able to recognize that she is in the same room with them! However, if there is certain maturity, readiness, then that person who is wise and or of advanced practice will be recognized and sought out for their guidance, mentor-ship or spiritual coaching and the teacher student relationship would have a greater chance of being more fruitful.


Elsewhere in the essay you have used the term “word” many times where I believe you really mean “world” and I would not want others to read and think it means word when it in reality is referring to “World”.

  1. The seeker is an individual who has been involved in the word
  2. He progressively helps him/her transforming his/her attachment to the word
  3. At the same time, he attempts to redirect above energies to help the aspirant to use them instead, to build a personal and strong spiritual life. In other words, the teacher leads a process of mental transformation allowing the seeker ceasing to see the word
  4. Essentially, in the first stage, the teacher helps the seeker by leading him to the path of knowing there is an order in the phenomena of the word


The connotation in one versus the other is totally different as one leads to understanding of the issues and one misdirects to a totally different understanding and perspective. This affects mostly those who are novices on the path. So please add a correction to this essay.


Otherwise a very good essay and keep up the good work.



PS-also try to remember to place the lesson number at the tope of your post


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