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Udja Anthony- reply to #5644
Re New Ageism..I was thinking about your comment” at times it is a difficult phenomena to understand because sometimes individuals or groups may be on a path to something thats whole and guided…

In Jamaica, Unity school of Christianity- New Age teachings of Charles Filmore was my introduction to metaphysics.. about age 22 and shortly after i started going there they had a speaker from the USA and as I was introduced to him I looked into his eyes and the clear thought came into my head ‘This man has cosmic consciousness’ and that is what i want’ At the time I did not even know what the term cosmic consciousness was..and the first thought strangely enough that came to my mind when I started seeing the focus of Shetaut Neter and feeling drawn to apply was “Is this the end of my life now. was that a deep resolve I had made back then… is it facing me is my life near completion” .
That speaker, Rev Goodison (Goodi) Orr, Rev Jackie Neal a young African American minister from Unity in USA.. Dr. Hank Rucker and several others were individuals in New Age movement that inspired me deeply. Interestingly they went beyond those teachings near the end though and some left