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Udja Elizabeth, response to #5641

Interesting read. I would be interested to know if this dynamic of her having visions or speaking with Jesus is the same as what Sebai Maa says regarding the deeper meaning of symbols and name-form worship (pictures, images, maybe visualizations) and mantra is only one part of the mystical process. From my limited understand the mystical experience would be her total absorption into Jesus and the weakening of fetters and personal worries. Based on one Kemetic Proverb it says something to the effect of A soul once on the path of turn and goodness will never fall back into darkness. Excuse me for not having the proverb to quote. So my question would be if she did have a mystical experience how did she end up in a place of doubt? Based on what Sebai Maa said yesterday I wonder if Mother Teresa ever got higher teachings that went beyond the duality of me and god as separate. Based on my experience I have experienced times where I am mindful of my oneness with Self and many other times, most, where its as an ego moving toward Self day by day – working through ignorance, fetters, afflictions. I feel compassion for Mother Teresa’s doubt and pain and I also wonder if this could happen not due to lack of guidence but by the fetters and afflictions just really being deep in our aryu that it keeps the separation and idea of doubt.