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Level 1, Lesson 13, Reading Assignment, Pages 179-192

1. Keep a spiritual diary.
2. How should an aspirant think about their spiritual checklist and how diligent should they try to be with it? The checklist should be utilized as a gauge to determine if an aspirant is practicing Shetaut Neter to receive the full benefits of the practice. The checklist should be adhered to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If an aspirant does not perfom as the checklist describes in some way they should make up the activity so that they will receive the full benefit in transforming their mind.
3. All of life’s activities are ritualistic to some degree.
4. When you approach a teacher bring an offering.

2. Reply No. 4038:
Dua Sebai Maa and Akua Nyarko,
The reply and response to this lesson, after reflection, brought me to the understanding of how a spiritual practice for me should be understood. I see “effort” as of the body and “movement in a steady relaxed pace” as coming from my Higher Self. Upon reflection I realized that my goal of enlightenment is not ultimately predicated on what happens in this lifetime. This lifetime is a cycle, however, I am immortal and the lifetimes in time and space are illusory. I see myself as having one existence and growing and learning for eternity. Each lifetime in time and space is full of experiences that assist me in dong that, however, that is the limit of a lifetime’s significance. My spiritual practice is a process that does not end with this lifetime even if enlightenment is achieved. I see the process and life’s experiences as giving me insight into the many facets of my Higher Self. As I grow with understanding and begin to incorporate more and more of the teachings in my daily life I will discover even more according to my level of spiritual evolution. Having this perspective removes the stress from my practice. However, I still have the enthusiasm and relentless focus to discover more in each moment and in each experience.