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Level 1, Lesson 13, Audio Assignment, How to be a successful student, Part 2A and 2B.

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
Chant of Aspirants: amma su en pa neter sauu – k su emment en pa neter au tuanu ma qeti pa haru (Give thyself to GOD; keep thou thyself daily for God; and let tomorrow be as today). The chant to aspirants is the perspective an aspirant must have in their practice and applied each day (the Shedy practice, good association, relaxing with the teaching, developing memory and study techniques, teaching those around you through example, applying the teaching through experience) then they will blossom into an excellent student which becomes an excellent teacher. This chant leads to purity of mind, purity of understanding and attaining the highest goal in life.
2. When an aspirant has this perspective they have an awareness that everything that happens in their life is a movement on their path to enlightenment. The divine in each of us is directing our choices and our path when we have this perspective and apply it to our lives. This is the practice of detachment to the world and it give you peace on your path as you move through the world.
3. Scientific research without mysticism develops questions even as they find answers because physicality alone does not give a complete answer.
4. In the beginning there is a reliance on the teacher and there must be a “protection” from the world, however, as an aspirant becomes established in their practice and in touch with their higher nature that reliance decreases.
5. Answers are within but in order to know what is within an aspirant must purify the mind through the teaching and, also an aspirant must know how to recognize what enlightenment is (patience, control, maintaining balance, inner peace, seeing one in everything, etc.) by having a working knowledge of the philosophy. If not an aspirant may be indulging in fantasies created by the ego and when the tests of life come they cannot pass the test.
6. Speculation is gossip which is spoken out against in the 42 Precepts of Maat. An aspirant must learn how to study the things that are important. Fill your mind with things that are righteous and learn how to follow truth so you will be able to filter out the untruths.
7. The Aton is the true source of life, spirit sustains all life.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one?
I am comfortable in my Shedy practice now. I adjusted it so that I meditate first upon rising in the morning and then do my devotional ritual, postures and chants, listen to the teachings and then reflection. As situations areise during the day I am constantly reflecting on the application of the teachings. The disciplines are welcomed and bring me comfort and peace.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are currently not practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?
I am applying the teachings more and more in my life as I understand them so far. I am amazed how understanding the teachings has changed how I experience life and handle situations brought to me. I am well aware that I have only scratched the surface, however, the benefits are encouraging and I will stay the course.