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Bastu Akhu

Look at at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main takeaway/s) you learned from it.

Reply to Andrew post #4508 and Sebai Maa’s response post # 4590

Andrew Dua for your post and the many insights you and everyone else shared. I was drawn to many of them but in particular the insight by you into “Ra knowingly allows his spittle to fall to the ground…From my understanding the Divine is always waiting to be poisoned by us in order to reveal the truth behind it.” I had also thought that how could Ra, the reflection of the Divine in time and space would be so vulnerable and allow Aset to poison him, how could he not have known? But he did, he allowed it as Sebai’s response indicated “Ra (creation) has weaknesses which are there by design.” This truly shed light on this profound teaching. I gathered that even the highest and more subtle levels of manifestation of the Divine in time and space is not without flaws. Sebai further added “If one were to concentrate on the contradictions of life, the pointlessness of physical existence only to die in a short time, the insatiable nature of human desires or the futile search for happiness in time and space etc. and instead work on accepting those contradictions instead of denying them.” I gained a feeling here that to be able to “poison creation” you have to first ‘know’ that it is an illusion and this is accomplished through the one pointed flow of the mind towards the Divine and repudiating the illusion of time and space by accepting it for what it truly is, an illusion as Aset in her human form did. I further gathered that in context with the teachings of The Temple of Aset and what Aset herself did was to reflect on life and its meaning. If creation is seen for what it truly is and its relative purpose, then it should be easier to transcend it. Sebai further stated that after this is a accomplished then one could “reverse the flow of the senses and desires from the world to turn them inward and focus on the true nature of Creation (Name of Ra) then we discover that Creation is actually a projection of energy caused by movement of Neteru (as we will see) – impelled by a magical power (Hekau) that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting soul”. Though I need to reflect and meditate on this part of Sebai’s comment for a longer period of time, I suspect it is the meditation part of the teachings, which comes after the teachings have be heard, heeded and reflected upon.