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Bastu Akhu

Udja Uab,

Response to Uab Ra Tem Post #4031

Dua for your insights in your post. I appreciated your emphasis on the fact that Aset listen, reflected and meditated and that this is what we aspirants need to do as well to attain the goal of knowledge of ourselves and oneness with the Divine. It struck me as important in that we can use these disciplines in our daily interactions with the many manifestations of creation which is all a time and space manifestation of Ra, including fellow human beings. I further thought that in regular conversations with others, what they say is also a time and space manifestation of Ra and our response should follow the teaching of Aset,we can listen, reflect and meditate and access intuitional wisdom that Goddess Aset represents in order to develop the Taffy Shepsy to pierce the illusion of creation. However first is to live a life of Maat, by practicing the Shedy Disciplines to gain purity of heart and mind.