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Seba Dja

December 9, 2015 #5573 Jason W

Udja Jason,

Udja Seba Dja!

Re: My main focus as far as the Integral disciplines are concerned, has been selfless service being that i work with those suffering with alcohol/substance abuse issues and assist the homeless.

Seba Dja: This is a good foundation, but be mindful that there is a subtle difference between only doing good deeds and getting good mental impressions (“good karma”) and Maat Ari & Ushet…allowing those good actions to lead you to attain Nehast.

The subtle difference is in addition to doing good deeds, there is an effort for removing egoism as well.

The subtle difference for Ushet (Devotion) is having the flow of mind feeling that you are serving the Self in the persons, even as you are interacting with the ego-personality. The ego-personality is like a veil hiding the deeper essence. In practical expression, there will be no outward change. But within you, egoism (ideas of separation based on the idea that everything at its essence is separate) will be diminishing in a manner that will be leading you forward on the path to Nehast.

You can combine this with the feeling also that you also are not the mind-body complex only. That your true essence is your Higher Self, working through your ego-personality doing all the deeds….this is Maat Ari. So, you are not the doer (it is I/me, the ego personality performing these actions), even though performing actions in a manner of high quality.

This way…even though externally still performing your duties in the same manner…internally, you are doing spiritual work and integrating your personality.

Of course these reflections will done by you before you begin the work…to set the mind in a proper mode….and during your actual work, they will only be reflected upon when the mind is not engaged in its duties.

When the mind is really engaged in its duties…and it is not thinking of “I” or “me” as the doer…those times when one loses track of time because of being so engrossed in one’s work…egoism is not being engendered…and this is good.

KMT Proverb: “Do not disturb a great person or distract their attention when they are occupied, trying to understand their task. When they are thus occupied they strip their body through love of what they do. Love for the work which they do brings people closer to God. These are the people who succeed in what they do.”

Maat Ari & Ushet…essentially the flow of the mind to the Divine (both in oneself and the other person) are undercurrent movements, like the mind of a mother of a new born baby when she goes back to work and leaves the baby at home with someone else. Even when doing her duties with precision, there is an undercurrent of love for the baby that is flowing to the baby, yet not interrupting her performance of her duties. This is the idea with the flow of the mind to the Higher Self when performing Maat Ari and Ushet.

So, while doing your work, you can certainly perform the Outer practices for the Maat Ari and Ushet…check and check (smile).

S. Dja


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