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Chapter 3

(7) Don’t start a quarrel with a hot-mouthed man,

Nor needle him with words.

Pause before a foe, bend before an attacker, Sleep (meditate on it) before speaking.

A storm that bursts like fire in straw,

(8) Such is, the heated man in his hour.

Withdraw from him, leave him alone,

The God knows how to answer him.

-WISDOM TEXT-Sage Amun-em-hat

A well reflected question and certainly important for the capacity to understand and practice the teachings in a useful and propitious manner.

The relationship of the terms may be understood as follows for easier understanding; This is not the only way but useful for our purpose here and now. The Affliction is caused by the illness of ignorance of knowledge of Self (khemn). The ignorance is the source and affliction is the disease (negative thoughts and feelings [negative aryu]) and the effect is the fetter. The aryu is the accumulation of either positive thoughts, and feelings based on past experiences or negative ones based on past thoughts feelings and actions so the past thoughts, feelings and actions lead to setup of more aryu based on them and that is the basis for new cycles of thoughts, feelings and actions, which is a new setup, etc, etc, etc… If the aryu is positive it leads to lucidity and freedom IF there is authentic aspiration and teaching. If the aryu is positive but there is no higher initiatic training then it leads to heavenly positive experiences but not necessarily enlightenment and abiding freedom. If there is negative aryu it leads downward to the path of more ignorance and delusion as well as the consequences of sufferings that that entails.

To break the cycle of negative aryu: the suppression of the expression of an aryu is more important than the expression in the long-term capacity to handle its resolution. When there is expression in time and space the action exacerbates the effect of the aryu by amplifying it by causing agitation and thought in its direction as well as its consequences, all working to reinforce preexisting aryu that gave rise to it thereby setting up the unconscious mind for more future expressions. If however the person is not on a spiritual path then it may be more immediately advantageous to allow the expression as long as other living beings will not be adversely affected so as to avoid the consequences of suppression without the benefits of spiritual work to resolve the issues. It is said: “you can grow in life or you can grow a tumor.” So if a person is not growing they can let off steam and people do this through sports, sex, self medication, projecting anger on others such as bigots and following demagogues, etc. These are only some of the dangers of unresolved human psychological issues all stemming from the pain, fear and loathing caused y ignorance of the knowledge of self that leads to self-hatred and hatred of the other and the desire to fill that hole with hurting others, enslaving others, raping others, domination and self-delusion that all that means one is righteous, worthy and not lonely in the darkness of the ego. All that of course is referring to the category of human being who falls into the range of what is considered “normal” by society. Those who are considered sociopaths and psychopaths are existing on a different level which when they become the leaders and models of society tend to cultivate the base aspects of the “normal” population thereby dragging down society into the mire of psycho-spiritual darkness, despair and self-destruction, which is where we are today in the modern world.


“When emotions are societies objective, tyranny will govern regardless of the ruling class.”