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No person is born being already wise-Ptahotep trans by MAA

-AEP -Ptahotep

The Wisdom Texts are a special genre of teaching that may be considered as expositions on mostly secular but also mystic Maat Philosophy, Therefore they should be seen as an essential foundation for secular life in preparation for mystic pursuits. It will do little good for an aspirant who hopes to pursue initiation into the higher mysteries to have a secular life that is a mess, being involved in domestic disputes, legal proceedings, having stress over worldly worries and being accosted by other anxieties of life such as family, sexual desires, wayward children, being stuck in a dead end job that is neither fulfilling or useful to society. So the Wisdom Texts deal with these issues of right living and thinking and feelings so that a proper foundation of life may be laid in order to become a qualified personality to entertain a serious and fruitful pursuit of advanced spiritual research.