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You have listed many important teachings from this video lecture, very good. Dua -thank you- for your heartfelt statement about African people. I certainly understand your meaning as I have, as you can imagine, looked at this issue for many years. I also would expand on this issue for everyone to realize that while the African community certainly is in a dire state, so is every other group on earth today in varied forms. For even those who we might see as being at the head of empire today, are themselves caught in the matrix of their own delusion about creating their stated goal of world order or the more nefarious goal of world chaos wherein the strong can easily control the weak. The delusions of corporatocracy which have led the society to the brink of destruction are and will affect even them. So the original malady of human spiritual ignorance which has allowed the emergence and expansion of destructive industrial society and corrupt governments is the real problem and predicament of humanity. Therefore, how should a spiritual aspirant, desirous of advancing on the spiritual path of life, look at these issues? One important piece of the answer is learning how to become a wise person who can look at life as it is and make the right choices that lead to the best future for self first and then in service to all next.

Don’t tell me the World is Crazy