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Udja Seba Dja
I too would like to add with Anthony Dua Dua Dua Dua! for explaining this and correlating all the different aspects.I appreciate this very much. I have not yet read Sebai Maa Book ‘Mystical Journey from Jesus to Christ’, which i intend to .. but reading here what you wrote about not negating the work that was done in past lives to reach to the level of Christ or Buddha in a particular lifetime, the thought did cross my mind that if Jesus in his lifetime as we know it, went through initiations in the temples in Egypt and Buddha had done his initiations maybe in lifetimes before..then maybe a little indication of their different progress on the path when they incarnated in this time..and showing the levels of attainments perhaps on the path as it winds higher and, as you said, still traces of some ‘residue to overcome’ even on these higher levels of the path

Also as you mentioned ” One issue within some of the Buddhist sects/groups is the over emphasis on intellecutal development and technical practice of meditation but the lack of devotional outlets for proper emotional development” I had always felt this and was not drawn to Buddhism because of this..but then came across the videos Jonathan Foust and his wife Tara Brach and their inclusion of Mindfulness and reflection relating to emotions as part of their teachings on Buddhism.

The idea too of the Dali Lama and his saying his is the last incarnation of the Bodhisattvas he represents. There is a really interesting film..Kundun which is the film the Dali lama collaborated with the writer Melissa Mathieson to authenticate..about his life and how as a little boy of 2 and a half years old..the way he was discovered by his recognition of certain items belonging to the previous Dali lama.
Again Dua Seba Dja for your thoughtful time and sharing