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Jason W

Udja Seba Dja!

Yes Seba Dja, anytime during the day. I see how this should be the foundation where i can move up in time versus down. I have established a time in the morning for main Shedy (most of the time), to perform Devotional Worship. I also see how not to set limitations on the integral disciplines, so as to proceed in the process of time increase, along with transforming the personality fully. My main focus as far as the Integral disciplines are concerned, has been selfless service being that i work with those suffering with alcohol/substance abuse issues and assist the homeless. Now it is all about finding balance in integrating the other disciplines along with it so it can be complete. I have re-read your post until i felt that i could assimilate it and visualize myself actualizing it.

I thank you very much Seba Dja, for further clarification regarding this very important issue.