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Seba Dja

#5559 Jason W

Udja Jason,

Re: A question regarding the Integral Minimum Practice… Should the 4 min practice be done at the prescribed times (Morning, afternoon, evening) mainly? Or can it also be done at other times? and if i see further opportunity at work to practice more of the Integral disciplines, (4 min) in addition to the prescribed times is that ok?

Seba Dja:

Again, here…let it be simple and 100% doable. So, make it that you will just do it daily…anytime in the day.

If you would eventually want to have one main time to do your main Shedy, you can strive to do it then. Most persons choose early AM while the rest of the world is generally sleeping and quiet.

But if you have anytime during the day as your minimum…if you over sleep or went to bed late or had to go to work early, etc., you can not stress about it (increased agitation) and just do it later on….since your goal is to do it in the course of the day.

At some point, you may be able to make your 100% commitment be for a specific time also…but work up to this…gradually, first becoming consistent in doing it at least daily.

This is a “formal” practice. Ny, you can and should be doing more of the Integral disciplines through out the day…these will will be extra/bonuses, and will be preparing you to be able to increase your minimal time in the future.

I also suggest re-reading the post again…since having had further reflections about it.

S. dja