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Seba Dja

December 7, 2015 #5554 ANTHONYBAHLIBI

Udja Anthony:

Udja Seba Dja, in response to #5522

thank you very much for providing this helpful brief-Shedy practice. I will use it when I feel I am short on time and will report back the experience.

SEBA DJA: I would suggest not thinking of using this when you are “short” on time. This makes this “less than” and is not psychologically empowering. Make this your CURRENT PROGRAM…your foundation program, and when you can do more…when you have MORE TIME, you can do more. You can change the times to whatever MIN time you will STICK to, no matter what…but think of this as the foundation…PRACTICE THIS EVERY DAY…increasing the meditation time or reading time, etc. as your time allows. SO think if this as something you will EXPAND outward from (rather than as something that you will contract back to, which being short in time implies.

One question. What is the procedure in Shetaut Neter if we miss a Shedy session? It may have been mentioned in an audio lecture but I also looked up the Muslim perspective on it. If we forget, do we start doing it if we have time even if is late? If we cant make it, should we make it up before our next Shedy session or focus on being present for our next session? What about if we dont practice at sunrise, noon, and sunset…like when I get out of class at 10pm is often when I do my evening shedy after coming home. Should we be acknowledging Shedy practice at the correct times, even if mentally or using this short shedy session? I know its a bit technical but it would help me better understand the desirable format for practice in these moments.

SEBA DJA: So again, with this system, this question does not have a basis, because you will NEVER MISS a shedy practice…because this is your minimal foundation practice that you will do no matter what. Beyond this, whatever else you do…is extra. So if you do this 4 minutes and do not do the 3 fold Shedy…you are still okay.

AS for the 3 times a day worship: Have as a minimum…I will just do a min of repeating Om Amun Ra Ptah (OARP) during the day…at any 3 different times. This way, you can relax in the practice. On days when you can keep a timely schedule…then that is fine…and extra. Times may fluctuate according to one’s schedule.

It’s easier to plant a seed and let it grow forth, than to try to plan a fully grown tree that can topple in the process.

S. Dja