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Level 1 – Lesson 11
Pages 141 – 154

If religion and yoga are practised at the lower levels only, what is the result?
– They will not yield spiritual enlightenment but dogmas and intellectualism.

The Egyptian yoga book series has been put together in such a fashion as to offer what?
– To provide for the needs of various personality types.

How should an aspirant think about their prospect to follow and integral path of Sema Tawi – Kemetic Yoga?
– An aspirant should think that being able to practice this integral path of Sema Tawi is very doable. An aspirant should always strive toward making their practise even better and more continuous and lucid. Following this path will only lead to enlightenment which is the only abiding purpose of life. The prospect of following this path should make a aspirant happy and at peace and should make them have this divine loving feeling in their heart.

The 4 aspects of the personality are?
– Emotion
– Reason
– Action
– Will

The yoga of devotional worship enhances and harnesses _______ aspects of the personality?
– Emotional

Integral yoga gives you the opportunity to practise yoga at all times? True or False?
– True

Describe the 4 main paths of yoga practise
– Having control of your feelings and emotions as well as being able to direct you love toward the divine. This is the yoga of devotional love which leads to love and contentment. This is the aspect of the personality relating to emotion.
– Understanding the divine and having knowledge of the mystical psychology. This is the yoga of wisdom which leads to understanding. This is the aspect of the personality that relates to wisdom.
– Selfless service, purity of heart and self control as well as discipline. This is the yoga of righteousness and virtue. It leads to peace and is related to the aspect of the personality ‘Action’.
– Study of the mind and the development of the inner powers. This is the yoga of meditation and it leads to fulfilment. This relates to the aspect of the personality ‘Will’.

The process of yoga? Integral?
– 1.Integral
To enlighten the intellect
To enlighten the body
To enlighten the emotions
To enlighten the unconscious mind

The process of meditation controls the feeling directed toward the divine? True or False?
– False. The process of meditation develops your inner power and the study of your mind. To control the feelings you must do the yoga of devotional love.

What is one critical aspect every aspirant should understand?
– We must simplify their lives and get rid of all unnecessary possessions and worldly things. This is so we do not have so many things to worry about and fuss over. The key to self discovery and success is allowing the inner gifts of the soul to unfold in simplicity.