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On the issue of the Neterian Creed also see post #5545

You related the assignment questions well

As for you final query: “Working to understand more clearly the processes of the after-life in relation to the teachings.”

This is a relative and overarching question that needs to be clarified more. The first step in understanding is realizing there is ignorance about a subject; then the task is to ask the right questions that will yield an answer that can be understood. Additionally, the proper framing of the question helps order the mental understanding based on the parameters of the questioner. The answers can be general or specific and in detail very long for this level of study though some has been given already. So in relation to what teaching -assuming Neterian, which teachings, reincarnation, the heavenly plane? the causal plane? the cemetery plane? the Anunian theology, the Asarian, the goddess??? what aspect of the after life? Are we talking about the death of a new aspirant or an avid aspirant? Which process related to which aspect of the afterlife? Which lifetime are we talking about? etc. etc.