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Seba Dja

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I will respond to my post relative to this November 27, 2015 at 12:03 am #5409, which was a response to Shem’s Arit’s post November 8, 2015 #4615

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Seba Dja: Generally, mystically we reserve the use of the term intuition to mean when intuitional realization dawns on a person….and Nehast is attained.This society uses the terms intuitional more “loosely”. Mystically we would use the term “insight” [in-sight….inner-sight] for the inner voice and inner feeling when one has not yet achieved intuitional realization of the Self. Insight implies there are some ego-taints..which could range from dull ego, to agitated ego, to lucid ego, the latter being most pure/least egoistic. Recall the play I did last year at the conference…for the dull mind and the agitated mind, each time the aspirant believed she was speaking to the Higher Self and getting wisdom from the Higher Self, it was being filtered and altered by the dull or agitated mind….by the time it got to aspirant’s conscious mind [lower right…Aspirant (Heru) feels speaking to her/his Heru Self but really speaking to Set.] The mind, and thus insight [inner sight] (what this society calls intuition) is not trustworthy when the mind is in dullness or agitation…and even lucidity when the mind is attuned to externalized (egoistic) happiness.

Udja Shems Arit:

Re: Current post question (#5536)
question, but one cannot call spiritual preceptors whenever there is a question, or whenever one receives “inner guidance or vision”. what do you suggest about this? just accept that every now and then, will receive incorrect guidance? I have just now gotten to the place where I trust my self, I trust the guidance that I receive when I stop and listen. Are you saying that I cannot even trust my Self?

Seba Dja:

One can “trust” one’s Self (Higher Self). Relative to trusting one’s inner guidance…the issue is not the inner guidance of the Higher Self…but the egoistic static that can interfere with the message getting through clearly and correctly.

So, ny, this does mean sometimes the information that one receives may be tainted with egoism…and to the degree it is, can give incorrect guidance. But this is something that one’s ethical conscience can facilitate self correction, if one is sensitive and willing to correct one’s path/actions…if not along the way, then after the fact.

Also, being aware that the ego may taint the transmission from the HS…allows one to better screen the received transmission, to try to determine what the taint is and to remove it.

Also, if one receives certain insights, one should be open to reasonable ethical input/challenges from others…to a degree:

KMT Proverb: “Do not be proud and arrogant with your knowledge. Consult with the ignorant and wise. Truth may be found among maids at the grindstones.”

Relative to your comment: but one cannot call spiritual preceptors whenever there is a question, or whenever one receives “inner guidance or vision”.

Seba Dja:

Ny, this is correct. Even a baby cannot only rely on being able to have her/his parent hold him/her up all the time when learning to walk. The baby must start taking steps on its own, and yes, at times it may in fact fall down…but each fall gives it information to prevent future falls…and thus, strengthens its walking.

Even in ancient times there were warnings about relying on the oracle…and in some traditions, the practitioners cannot move forward in life without consulting the oracle. This can be sometimes helpful…but if a dependency develops such that one cannot act without consulting the oracle…then one can be come paralyzed and fearful about taking actions in life. Similarly, as you indicated, it is not practical or possible for every aspirant to contact their spiritual preceptor to clarify every inner-sight (insight)…so ny, it means at times acting based on your inner-sight (insight)…but with the scrutiny of Rekh and Maat Ari, to help weed out the egoistic taints.

So Ny, there may be incorrect actions taken at times…based on egoistically tainted inner-sight (insights), but these ultimately help the aspirant to recognize the egoistic taints so these taints (obstructions to knowledge of Higher Self) can be sublimated and purified…and as an aspirant progresses on the path, the egoistic taints will be reduced…and the insights that emerge will be more and more in alignment with the Higher Self.

This is the path of spiritual evolution and Shedy…acting with egoism (tainted inner-sight/insight)…learning lessons, purifying the mind, sublimating egoism…evolving/advancing spiritually.

Kemetic Proverb:

“Don’t rely exclusively on the oracle for guidance; sometimes it is necessary for us to live our lives for ourselves and not to lean too heavily on other minds who, after all, have their own thing to do…”

S. Dja