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Arit Neter S

Udja. Second attempt at Lesson 1 Question 2: What are the main take aways.

I must admit that for my first attempt, I was very emotional. I was kind of upset about my own family situation. People always ask me if I have tried this or that, and I feel bad because, well, I have NOT tried everything. I am not so attached to the outcome anymore, but every now and then the thought about the current situation can be painful for me.

Here is my answer with less emotion or personality.

Soul needed to incarnate with both the Spirit and the Physical.
The Ego feeling insecure, does everything in its power to break apart the connection between the Heavenly realm of the Divine Self and the Soul. The physical realm, unable to maintain the deception of the Union , hid its own creation, True Discrimination, the ability to know the Real from the Unreal, in an attempt to Hide the Divinity of the Earthly Realm, Ignorance of the Divine. However, the Love of the Divine is so powerful that is able to bring about divine healing through intuitional wisdom and words of power. Once the Inner Sacred Family is reunited, the ego again sets out to destroy the peace and harmony. this time, tearing the soul apart into pieces, via distractions and fetters of Set. Again, the Wisdom and Guidance that we receive from Divine within under the direction of a spiritual preceptor, allows our own intuitional wisdom to put together the pieces of the soul, and to heal wounds from the past, to purify aryu, and to eliminate toxic thoughts, habits and emotions, and give birth to the Real Self. With Purified Inner Voice and Purified Ego. Once the Ego has been purified and sublimated, inner harmony reigns once again. the SOUL can never be eliminated, (although, it can be tricked if loses concentration and focus) as it has gained full consciousness and is able to rule in eternity. Tools and practices of the Spirit and Inner Wisdom: Shedy: Rekh Ab, Uashu, Maat and Uaa. Also, Hesi and Hekau. Ren Ra

question, but one cannot call spiritual preceptors whenever there is a question, or whenever one receives “inner guidance or vision”. what do you suggest about this? just accept that every now and then, will receive incorrect guidance? I have just now gotten to the place where I trust my self, I trust the guidance that I receive when I stop and listen. Are you saying that I cannot even trust my Self?

Question 3 
Based on video lecture and current understanding at this time:

A. What have you discovered about the role of Aset in the Resurrection myth.

Spiritual Healing: Intuitional Wisdom and Healing words of Power. having this knowledge can bring about forgiveness, compassion, Unity, Inner Peace, one pointed flow of mind towards Divine, relentless pursuit of Truth and Solution. And of course, physical healing that results from the elimination of blocks caused by various fetters of Set. These are qualities of the Divine. Without them, there would be no transformation,, no healing, no “miracles”, no birth of the Higher Self. We would not know how to access and align with the Cosmic Forces that live within all of us.

B. What do you make of her character and personality?

The main character of Divine Wisdom is that it is Hidden, it is unseen, disguised, often unrecognized, unfelt, unheard by the uninitiated. It must be revealed. There is a long arduous journey until you can access this wisdom. The personality of the light is fierce, piercing, radiating, relentless, all knowing

focused, intuitive, spontaneous yet well calculated and thought out. Harpoons Obstacles, Slashes the Ego then has compassion for it. Has no mercy for unrighteousness, unless it does.

Dua for suggesting that I redo the assignment. I have looked over the meaning of my name, Arit Neter S Mery Maati,and at the moment, I am taking it to mean that I will be at Peace (paraphrasing the words of Sebai) balance when I can make offerings at various levels (worldly, heavenly and transcendentally), in different forms (physical, mental, prose, speech, song,voice, drum,piano, rhythm, cadence, harp, poetry, dance, etc). Offerings that are beloved on earth as well as the transcendental realms. Offerings of what is true on earth and in time, for what is true beyond. This exercise helped me to get closer to what, according to the name given to me by Sebai Maa, a guideline for my writings and teachings. I am most grateful. I will strive to remember this, to address BOTH! And, if I am only going to be addressing perspective, choose the HIGHEST.