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Very good reflections. As with many things, the context and times of use are relevant and to that extent if useful then helpful. Certainly the term “contract” can be used to characterize a exchange between teacher and student and in ancient times the kind of view might have been more appropriate and useful for, in modern times most people have trouble sustaining a contract to pay the phone bill, let alone meet a contractual obligation to come to attend classes and meditate on time daily or apply the teaching regardless of personal disposition or preference to do something more immediately satisfying as is enjoined in the initiatic process. Most people have difficulty agreeing on what needs to be done for their own well-being and spiritual fulfillment and this coupled with lacking will power to proceed in any defined direction, without faltering, without being tripped by having to pay bills or be concerned for the errant offspring or the persecution of society or the torment of unresolved personal desires and feelings. All of this emphasizes the individuation of awareness and thus self-willed spiritual seeking that is less harmonious to a contractual arrangement even as it may be defined by initiatic wisdom. Therefore, in our times the capacity and quality of aspiration is markedly different and thus requiring different considerations. and adjustments to the spiritual journey. Therefore, the factors of entanglement with the vicissitudes of time and space duality, the socialization in a world of empires and deluded family, citizens, for our profane and corrupt times, of which we all partake in, to some degree, perhaps the better term might be “relationship; for the term relationship implies something personal, caring, understanding, forbearing and internally compelling as opposed to something contractual, forced, intellectual or literal.