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Indeed, one of the most important capacities an aspirant needs to develop is the capacity to self-criticize but not sentimentally or morbidly (egoistic) for the purpose of self-flagellation or self-punishment but for the purpose of self-correction. When the sensitivity and virtue (ethical conscience-Maat) of the personality develops to an advancing extent the capacity dawns to be able to look at oneself (one’s personality/ego) objectively and be able to have the will power to make corrections on small as well as larger things. However, on the way to developing such capacity it is important to have guidance so as to be more secure in the application of that self-analysis so as to prevent misapplication of it to severely (dull/morbid) or too lenient (self-serving ego rationalization). If this process proceeds correctly then there can develop fast transformation of the personality through increasing ans self-reinforcing will, positive feeling, and wisdom to follow the path that leads to the goal of life.