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Udja Elizabeth, In Reply to post #5511

I really enjoyed reading your discussion regarding adopting Shetaut Neter and Kemetic Yoga. I can relate as I come from a background of largely Buddhist Meditation ( Shamata and Vippassana,) but also a strong three year period of Shetaut Neter and GLM before getting back into the Shamata and Vippassana. In some ways my brain has clung to certain aspects of those techniques. I also have some experience in Indian Yoga teachings and ideas such as Pantajali Yoga Sutras and its methods. Some parts of it are helpful experiences and techniques that can be incorporated or may even be a part of kemetic yoga. I have contemplated it for awhile and I see huge benefits in Kemetic Yoga and things I cannot find in other systems, and so I have now made the choice to dedicate myself to Shetaut Neter whole heartedly. The years of contemplating paths was as you quoted Sebai Maa “uneccesary reflection” to a certain degree except in giving me faith that if any true system is practiced consistently it will lead to the same goal. I also am in transition phase, working with the Neteru and the teachings from a yogic perspective is one amazing thing that as I understand it more, it draws me in more.