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Level 1 – Lesson 10
Pages 125 – 140

The Kemetic term Ua means?
– Meditation

How should an aspirant think about their capacity to control externalised consciousness and their ability to rise above their conditioning of the past?
– Aspirants should know that control externalised consciousness is doable. We are all capable of doing so and in time we will be able to control it. The mind goes where energy flows. So as we continue to turn toward the divine more and more we will be less inclined and less caring toward the world of time and space and more concentrated on the divine and what we truly represent.

The practise of meditation allows one to create what?
– Allows one to creates a higher awareness which affects all aspects of ones life. But most importantly it gives the aspirant experiential knowledge of her/his true self.

The normal state of human consciousness cannot be considered as _____ or complete?
– Whole

When you fall asleep you believe the dream world is _____?
– Real

Do not eat for at least ____ hours before meditation?
– 2 hours

When you feel angry or any other negative qualities what should you do?
– Recite the hekau and visualise its energy and the deity associated with it destroying the negativity within you.

As intuitional vision of your all-encompassing nature dawns in your heart, you will be able to look beyond what?
– All the different types of sizes, shapes, sexes, and colours of people and recognise your higher self as the basis of their existence.

What is the kemetic term for devotion?
– Ushet

If religion and yoga are only practised at the lower levels what is the result?
– It will not yield spiritual enlightenment but dogmas and intellectualism.