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Re Sebai Maa Reply #5010 to Elizabeth White #4661 Level 1 Audio Lesson 1- An evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja- Why is Shetaut Neter important?

Udja Sebai Maa
Again DUA for your insightful and thoughtful feedback to this lesson. i just wanted to reflect back some of what I understood.

In response to my query re replacing the more Indian yogic tradition practices with the Neterian practices, you explained that for example the ‘Hekau’- Divine chants , words of power corresponded to doing Japa and the yamas and niyamas corresponded to aspects within Maat Philosophy.

I had not read the 42 Maat Precepts at the time of posting but now having done so I can see this was the origin of those areas of personal assessments that became the yamas and niyamas in the Indian Yogic tradition. That helped me as I was feeling a little sense like I not being faithful to those teachings which have been the more predominant in my life up to this point

You also noted that I would be transferring the ‘aryu’ energy I had developed with these practices to the Neterian path “but following a transiton to augment where I had been’.

Yes I still feel in the ‘transistion’ phase and i thought of the term “neurons that fire together wire together’ both in terms of the practices that are ‘wired’ there, and also realizing that by ‘gently’ shifting my mind back and forth..looking at the words of the chants, , listening to the worship videos is gradually creating new links that will get stronger.

You explained that(different) traditons/ philosophies lead to the same mystic destination but factors differ such as iconography, or if there is competent authentic guidance, and that ‘unneccesary reflection’ would result if the mind dwelt too much on mixing different factors within different traditions.

This also helped, as I thought of all these traditions/philosophies at their highest complete level (myth, ritual, mysticism) being in harmony, so choosing one would not be disrespecting another.

I wanted to clarify a point I had made that “I appreciate the level of required reflection that is part of these teachings, and the interaction of a teacher. For the most part prior to this, much of what has been introduced to me I have then taken to work with on my own”

As you noted, this has been my ‘karma’ because it is not that I am in an isolated space away from these teachers.

So as an example.. my husband who I was told by an astrologer two years before I met him, would be the ‘best person for me to marry’ is Jamaican of Maroon descent from the rural parish of Trelawny, initiated as Swami Hariomananda when he went to Bihar School of Yoga in 1974, and came back to Jamaica and started teaching yoga at the YMCA. He was the first and for many years the only person teaching yoga in Jamaica.

His way of teaching me (not others) is more ..follow what you see..practice what you learn.(smile..I had also been told that my marriage would be like ‘ My Fair Lady’ so if you can imagine Eliza Doolittle and Henry is a particular dynamic) .so it is not that reflective interaction that is present here..and that is ok, as my coming from a very sheltered upbringing this helped to make me stronger…and destiny would have husband was the one who bought the Egyptian Yoga book which quickly led me here.

He is also a herbalist, so I do have a lot of support around me even as i work out my issues like with the digestion which started when I returned from India, and I appreciate all the links you sent me.

Now as you mentioned I have been led to the invaluable and neccessary guidance of a teacher among other things, to encourage, confirm or correct on the path.

Dua for the encouragement to attend the conference. I will not be able to attend this particular one, but I look forward to attending others.