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Udja Seba Dja, In Response to Ppst #5504

Thank you very much for this guidence on this topic of Shedy. I understand you are pushing us to give up mental arguments and showing that to do that we have to have a better understanding of Shedy, that it encompasses all aspects of life and we dont have to “leave the practice” when we are not doing three-fold daily worship but we are going into another form of Shedy. The aspects and application of Kemetic Yoga forms is something im really interested in learning. It seems we have to learn the forms and applications of Shedy intellectually in order to live the spiritual practice constantly and with awareness.

On your statements on “cultivation of sentiments of “okayness””, this made me think of the parable of the two hyenas/jackels and the Lion in the Myth of Heteru and Djehuti. The principle of calm-truthfulness which can overcome the threat of mortality and egoism. This is how I have been thinking of it.

When Heteru broke the back of the serpent, that almost represents giving up mental-egoistic arguments in order to unite with Ra?