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Jason W




*Kemetic Origins of Yoga

-Most People from India and people in general believe that Yoga originated in India and that it is solely an Indian Science, which no one practiced before them.

-Comparative studies have shown the correlation between Yogic practices like Indian Hatha Yoga (posture/movements of the gods) and Kemetic Sema Tawi,(the origin) along with Buddhism having Memphite origins.

*Early representation of Set

-Certain divinities like Set did not have temples. Set in the later period was attributed to foreigners that tried to attack Egypt and was thus made Patron God by the Foreign Hyksos, though Set was looked upon initially as a righteous divinity (representing the lower forces) in the culture of Ancient Egypt. The Unnatural application of the lower forces/Set leads to unrighteousness (Ignorance of one’s true Divine nature).

*Meaning of Amun Ra Ptah

-In the Trinity of Amun Ra Ptah, Amun represents witnessing consciousness, Ra the total encompassing mind, & Ptah represents Physical reality. Through meditation practices one can dissolve one of the aspects (Amun Ra Ptah) and through this dissolution one will gain a direct mystical experience.

*States of Consciousness

-Through non-identification of the personality (jason) and a removal of the conscious, subconscious & unconscious, one will witness Neberdjer.

-2 ways of getting to the astral plane- consciously (positive and is aware of dream state) or unconsciously (negative unaware of dream state).Achieving the experience perennially (unbroken) one will not be caught up in dream world of asleep or dream world of time/space reality.

*Techniques of meditation

Basic- Given for the general population.

Advanced- Breathing & visualization act to activate and manipulate certain energy centers that will awaken consciousness.

*Not fully surrendering to the teachings

It is useless attempting to make comparisons with former faiths/religions, while still holding on to certain beliefs of the former faith and is a form of delusion in being that the individual is not truly letting go of the old faith/religion and thus is unable to fully receive what is needed to fully progress in the teachings.

*Religious ignorance towards Egypt

Followers of major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have made it a duty to demonize and bash Egypt making it synonymous with Idol worship and numerable forms of sin, not understanding that many of the patriarchs/prophets actually went into egypt to be saved from some form of trouble.

*Maat Philosophy

In Maat Philosophy, morals are judged by deeds and not by one’s thoughts.
This is the key to Maat Philosophy.


How it felt that Sebai MAA was speaking directly to me in regards to holding on to certain beliefs and attempting to mix traditions, and extract what one may feel is convenient or “relates” to the other faith/religion. I had that same problem of attempting to mix spiritual traditions and thinking that i was fully progressing when i was not. This profound presentation allowed me to gain even more insight to the delusion that occurs when attempting to spot similarities and use that a basis to continue to cling on to the other faith, while limiting myself by not truly receiving the fullness of the teaching.This really hit home with me and i realize the importance of not holding on to old faiths/religions, which can contradict and even delude myself on the path to nehast.