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These are some interesting inquiries.

Lets parse your questions for better understanding

“The life force energy you spoke about in last night’s Lesson 5 webinar, that shines down on everyone, is this to be understood as the force that enlivens all things and then is also behind all actions, thoughts, deeds etc.?”

Aton with hand rays and Ankh

Indeed, the light that shines down on everyone from the sun is an aspect of that same life force. I use the term “aspect” because the life force is one but manifests differently in in different intensities throughout Creation. So the same life force operates in the sun-rays but without the earth’s magnetic field it would be felt much stronger; The same life force enlivens the cells of the body, the same life force illumines the mind even when the sun is not shining; the same life force operates in the vital body, sekhem that causes vitality in the body; the same life force operates in lightning, in the internal combustion engine and in so many other ways; Some grosser and some subtler than others and as such it is referred to differently in different modes of dynamism. The idea is that this solar manifestation, at the end of the day, say 1-2 hours before sunset and half our after, is a specially available and usable type of energy that can be accumulated and caused to strengthen the higher bodies and “force” elevation of consciousness [but should only be tried by those who are psychologically (egoistically) stable and physically as well as mentally (nervous system) healthy also. So it is a special metaphysical practice with Ra Tem and some of it is alluded to in Chap 175 of PMH and some is used in the evening worship program.


“Is this what is meant by lifeforce attaching to everything? Is my understanding correct, the collecting of this energy means reducing activity in time and space that causes distraction and improper use of this energy, since the life force is behind everything, so as to have enough collected/preserved to turn it within creating/ unveiling one’s Taffy Shepsy to pierce the illusion of time and space?”

Khepesh - thigh region of northern sky - home of SetKhepesh

The subtler aspect of the life force “permeates” everything and in sufficient measure sustains life and when it departs the life is not possible and that is called death. Now, the collection of the life force bolsters the subtler elements of the personality and also can be used to purify the mettu or life force channels and the sefech ba ra energy centers. Doing this opens pathways for dynamic Arat Sekhem (Serpent Power) which is a certain quality of the same energy, of which there are two kinds of serpent power, solar and lunar (Aset/Nebethet or uadjit/nekhebet -etc.) and in this mode they operate as polarity of this arat sekhem and when united they operate singly leading to Ur Uadjit, and a serpent in the sky, that flies and with it flies conscious awareness of the Ba to the higher levels of the elements eventually reaching Akh and then Neberdjer levels. All this is afforded by purification of the personality through Maat (maakheru), purification of feeling through khak-ab (dispassion/detachment)(devotion to what is true (Asar), correct understanding/wisdom (saa/rech) and allowing the life force to flow naturally to Ur Uadjit. So this process occurs naturally in the regular shedy disciplines but on a slower and easier pace or that regular process can be assisted and augmented through intentionally collecting more life force and directing that as outlined in the serpent power meditation systems. However, no matter how much is collected it will not help and can be detrimental if the other areas of purity are not worked on as precursors and also concomitantly. Here the keys are intention, concentration, direction of the life force collected and focused -which the taffy shepsy that has now pierced the veil and allows the soul to fly-this is like riding a serpent that flies to the stars as did Djeta (on serpent in the sky) on one spot (benben) which itself is at the center (among other places) of the khepesh constellation in the center of the sky that does not move (akhemu seku) ; this is redirecting the diffuse rays from shining on the world to the source of Ra and as if reentering the black hole from whence we came and thereby rediscovering the neter an ren (divine self without name), i.e the divine name of Ra -and in so doing achieve the goal that Lady Aset achieved; all this will be elaborated as the class moves forward.

Serpent in the sky