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Seba Dja

November 30, 2015 at 12:09 pm
#5457 DamazALEXIS

Re: UDJA SEbai MAA and Sebai DJA, In most African religion, there is the concept of spirit possession where the practitioner at some time, is possessed by the GOD worshiped meaning, momentarily, the SPIRIT is expressing itself

Response from Seba Dja:


I recently gave an extensive reply to another aspirant in response to thier post, and as part of that response I addressed this issue of Afr religion and Shetaut Neter.

Here is the link…it’s addressed towards the mid-end part of this letter as I recall:

Healthy Ego before Mystical-izing Response to #4773 KaMaat-Amentat

S. Maa will respond separately.

HTP, S. Dja

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