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Udja Seba Dja,

I was not able to find the source of the documentary that I referenced on the unusual practice that I sited, as it has been several years. I could have viewed it on the big screen at an International Independent film festival, but it stuck with me as it made an impression. Let me say that I give all respect due to the Buddhist Tradition which mirrors Kemetic Sema Tawi and I try not to make judgements about ritual practices that I do not feel qualified to understand, but I was a bit uncomfortable with what seemed to be out of character in the peaceful Buddhist Tradition. I believe, as you alluded to, that it was a rare and obscure practice, and did not represent Buddhism. We could probably discuss at length various troubling rituals, worldwide, practiced in the name of religion and mysticism but that is another topic. What does apply is your commentary about not having blind faith and how it relates to what we are studying in the TOA about Divine Intuitional Wisdom. That feeling of discomfort that I mentioned was my Intuitional Wisdom in action. The beauty of it is that Intuitional Wisdom can benefit, not only in the sense of spiritual aspiration, but also in worldy matters as well. As pointed out in your earlier commentary we seek Truth in a “good way” through Aset (Intuituinal Wisdom). I am reminded of the quote “Aset is in your heart and only needs to be revealed. However, She can only reveal Herself to the true aspirant, one who is devoted to Her (the Self) and Her alone.” Dua for your invaluable insights.
Shems Heryt