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Level 1, Lesson 8, 224B What is Necessary for Success in Spiritual Path, 30:23

what are the main teachings brought out in the lecture recording? Explain in your own words.

Reactionary life – degraded agitated state and leads to negative situations, negative actions, vices, and enjoins a process for these situations to increase. Yoga prevents this type of negative situations and engenders positive situations for the future. We release the burdens and guilt of the past, grow out of past negative karmic entanglements and vices, by transcending through understanding and yoga experience.

The source of negative situations and personal actions: Egoism. The Ego is not the real you.
Misconception to only speak truth 100% of the time. Truth can be used egoistically to shame or demean others and bolster our ego. This will support vices, conflicts, and adversity. “Truth should not be spoken in a situation which it will lead to adversity.”

The Higher Good is never served by the ego and egoism. The Higher Good comes from a focus on purity and perfection, by the action without reliance on the fruits. We should not act in search of the approval of others, but seek to perform our duties to our greatest ability. This type of action brings satisfaction. This is true perfection. Worldly life always has error and imperfection but becomes perfect to the degree that our Shedy and spiritual attainments shine through our efforts in life.
Divine Action: Understanding that god is working through you, try to do your best in all duties and endeavours, and the progress and satisfaction that comes from within is divine.

Misconceptions on Sex-sublimation: Attempting to engage in lustful activities with the idea that all one has to do is focus on the divine. Spiritual aspirants should be our company. People who are degraded or do not practice or seek to live Maat, should not be pursued as company. When in those settings use the philosophy to overcome and act with detachment and dispassion to the best of our ability.

Our Spiritual Practice
-should be regular day-to-day. Not intense one day and weak the next day. Pursue regularity. Do not be fanatical but rationally progressive. Not like Soda-Water.
-Formal and Informal Practice: Formal practice should carry over into Informal Practice. Remembering teachings, reflection on them, and seeking to live them.
-Shedy Gathering: Very Important

Sbea Dja:
-Do not procrastinate your own growth and self-development. Teaching can strengthen the learning and practice, but it should not lead to a slackening of our own pursuits and efforts spiritually.
When faced with adversity or “moving against the stream” in your spiritual practice and progress, Keep going! The minute you stop you are swept away but if you keep going you will keep breaking through!!
Spirituality is the path of joy and happiness and Enlightenment is in the present moment. When you catch yourself and drop the thought, concepts, and desire – you are there! This is the way you want to keep going to move toward peace and fulfillment continually.
-You can only be corrupted if you are corruptible. By practicing, reflecting, and constantly remembering the teachings we can overcome all changes in the world and our lives without being corrupted away from our spiritual practice and attainment of Nehast. The most important part of life is the purity of our heart.
As the infinite Self there is nothing we cannot do in the direction of purity, and when it comes to developing a life of purity in all areas, that can be done and should be done with the strength of daily practice and the positive qualities of the Ntru behind our efforts.

Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and lecture series? If so which ones.
Yes, except my practice of smai Tawi and the song portion of Ra-Neb have not been as consistent. Now that basic Ra-Neb practice and its included parts are usually consistent, I will seek to be more dedicated to a complete and meditative morning session of Smai Tawi before Sunrise Ra-Neb and get a hand drum and shaker to implement the song aspect of daily devotion.

How will you implement the teachings you are not practicing into your life and spiritual practice?
The most important piece for me is the remembering process that happens while engaged in Ra-Neb, reflection, and the spiritual practices of Shedy. So I will continue seeking to develop my daily practice as the primary method to incorporate the teachings in my life and practice.