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Level 1, Lesson 8, CoursePack pages 91-106

Akhus are ENLIGHTENED Beings

The goal of the spiritual disciplines is to discover the meaning of Who Am I, and become a “knower” of Neter ( pg 94.)

How should an aspirant think about the diet of the initiates as espoused by the Temple of Auset and its realistic goal to be achieved? It is more than possible! This is not easy as the desire for food is strong and related to the first Sefech Ba Ra, practice progressively even if it’s a small change or a teaspoon reduction in over-eating each day. (pg98)

The General population was considered one of the healthiest of the ancient world? TRUE
The initiates ate the same diet as the common folks? FALSE

As part of your spiritual program, begin controlling your intake of food gradually
Whose favorite food is lettuce? Set and Heru

If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do , what should you do? Maintain practice privately and seek to keep interruptions to a minimum.

When you have established a schedule of minimal time to devote to practice, what should you do? You may spend more time according to capacity and inclination. Practice all forms in an integrated fashion, do not skip some practices for others even when certain ones are more predominant.

One should start your spiritual practice with? Deep Breathing

What is the minimum time for meditation? 5 mins