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Dua for sharing,

Several years ago I viewed a documentary on the Tibetan spiritual tradition in which Monks took young boys into the monastery that were struck, using a metal rod with their monastic seal, between the eyes at the point of the Ureaus. The blow was so hard as to leave the imprint of the seal on the forehead of the young boys, thus forcing open the energy center with the intention of instant enlightenment. After this the boys were never allowed to leave the shelter of the monastery into the mundane world or insanity would ensue.

Seba Dja: Udja,

I tried to google and did not see anything come up …but also, I did not know what words to google. But this does sound strange (abusive) and does not seem it would be advocated in authentic Buddhist practice. I don’t think the insanity that would follow would be because of awakening higher spiritual energies – but from cranial trauma. I suspect they did not allow them to leave because people would see how physically damaged they are…as well as emotionally damaged too…and that it does not make them enlightened. Hopefully it’s a practice that has been discontinued in this Buddhist sect.

It does point to the caution that is needed for aspirants when choosing a spiritual path & teachers …why it requires also a qualified aspirant to find a qualified teacher…and the teachings should not be followed if they go beyond one’s own comfort level of what one feels is correct or okay…one is to have faith, but not blind faith as in suspending one’s intellect to follow blindly; one is to have as S. Maa put it in a previous response, informed faith. If there is any doubt, hold off and gather more info about what is encompassed in authentic mystical practice, regardless of the spiritual tradition.

Dua for sharing…

S. Dja