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Dua Seba Dja for your informative precautions on attaining Nehast in the right way. There simply are no short cuts to purification of the Sefeck Ba Ra, and it will vary according to each aspirant and their own aryu. Your metaphor of the electric current forced through the wires and blowing a fuse is visually most effective. These are wise words for the aspirant to heed. Several years ago I viewed a documentary on the Tibetan spiritual tradition in which Monks took young boys into the monastery that were struck, using a metal rod with their monastic seal, between the eyes at the point of the Ureaus. The blow was so hard as to leave the imprint of the seal on the forehead of the young boys, thus forcing open the energy center with the intention of instant enlightenment. After this the boys were never allowed to leave the shelter of the monastery into the mundane world or insanity would ensue.

The Neterian Tradition does not make use of such drastic measures to enlightenment but offers a safe, rewarding experience, guided by authentic Spiritual Preceptors, understanding that the journey to enlightenment is a personal process that requires patience and devotion to Shetaut Neter.

Shems Heryt